How to Know Facebook Dating App is Available in Your Country – 2 Ways to Know You Have Facebook Dating App

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Facebook Dating App is presently the best means for Facebook users to get a date or hook up on the Facebook platform. This app doesn’t function as a stand-alone app instead, it functions right on the Facebook app. Since the release of the Facebook dating app in the year 2018, only a couple of countries have access to it.

How to Know Facebook Dating App is Available in Your Country

Requirements for Facebook Dating

Facebook is still working on making its dating service available to more countries. This is one app you can’t download from your app store. Telling you that, you are required to have a Facebook account, Facebook app, and must be 18 years and above to access it.

Facebook Dating Match App

The Facebook dating app is now the easiest way to get a date online and on Facebook. It is safe and helps Facebook users get a date or hook up for themselves. Once you opt-in the Facebook dating platform, you start getting notifications about people who have a crush on you. That is, your Facebook friends who like you and would want to date you. Once you like someone, on this service, you get to add them to your secret crush list and that’s how the match happens.  Another way this match happens on the Facebook dating app is through the interests you and someone else share. Meaning, Facebook automatically matches you up with someone because of the things you both have in common. This is so interesting and making dating easier and more exciting.

How to Know Facebook Dating App is Available in Your Country

When making use of the Facebook app, there are two ways to know the Facebook dating app is available in your country. Once you follow any of the 2 procedures which would be shown to you, then you can enjoy Facebook dating.

Method 1 – At the top of your page where you have your newsfeed, check if there is a dating notification

Method 2 – Check for a heart icon at the top of your profile page on Facebook

If you see any of the above, click on it and you will be directed right to the Facebook dating platform at the same moment.

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