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Facebook Match Dating – If by any chance you are pondering on what Facebook Dating Match is about, then you need to keep your eyes glued to this article. There is probably a lot you’ve heard about Facebook and its dating features. In this article, you are going to be enlightened about Facebook dating and how Facebook dating match works.

Facebook Dating Match

Facebook Match Dating and How It Works

Facebook dating match is only made possible when making use of the Facebook dating app. Users who are friends are being matched by Facebook. Once you start making use of the Facebook dating app, you will start getting notifications about people who like you or have a crushing on you. Before any match will happen on the Facebook dating platform, one has to add his/her crush is their personal secret crush list. Once this is done, then a match is created.

Facebook Dating App – Dating on Facebook App

Right from time, Facebook is known for generating autosuggestions on friends to add. This happens are a result of the interests both users share. Also, in Facebook dating app, this is how matching happens. Facebook matches users with similar interests like; groups they share, events they want to attend, institutions, etc. This tells you that Facebook can create a match for users in diverse ways. The criteria for making use of the Facebook dating app is having a Facebook account and being at least 18 years of age. Once these are in place, accessing the Facebook dating app is easy and you don’t need to pay any charge. The service is a totally free dating or hook up service.

Download Facebook Dating App

Unlike other dating apps, the Facebook dating app can’t be downloaded. This tells you that you won’t find it on any of your app stores so, don’t bother trying to download it. Only Facebook users have free access to it. Users get to access it via the Facebook app and mind you, if you don’t see it on your Facebook app, just know it hasn’t been made available to your country.

Facebook Dating Near Me

To know if the Facebook dating service is available in your country, you will come across a dating notification at the very top of your Facebook newsfeed. Another way to know that the Facebook dating service is available to you is when you see a heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile. With a click on the icon, you are taken right inside the Facebook dating app.

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