How to Get Reads on Wattpad

How to Get Reads on Wattpad

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Wattpad is known to be a social storytelling website that one can use as a great tool to share their stories, gain reader feedback, build an online platform, and also make money from their works.

Having more than 80 million users that sign in every month, the potential to build an audience is really HUGE. But you also need to know that there are so many other stories on the platform, and that could mean that it is actually very easy for your stories to get lost within the hundreds of thousands of other free works on the platform. Which is why we are here to discuss how one can get reads on Wattpad.

How to Get Reads on Wattpad

How You Can Get Reads on Wattpad

Here are some possible ways in which one can be able to get reads on Wattpad:

· Seeing Wattpad as a form of entertainment

You have to know that Wattpad is between books, entertainment, and social apps. It is serial, mobile, and interactive. A lot of readers log in to consume this amazing form of storytelling and they wish to be entertained and not to be bored. And so, when creating your story, you need to make them more entertaining.

· Always update frequently

Just like other social media platforms, for you to build up followers, you need to be posting content consistently. Make sure you update at least once a week because it will give you a boost in the algorithm that will help you to make your stories more discoverable and also stops readers from forgetting about you.

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· Make sure to create a good cover

When you give your stories good covers, it will attract readers. You can actually use to make covers for your stories. It is free, very easy to use, and also contains a Wattpad book template already set up.

· Always be hooky

There are so many free contents on Wattpad and so there is just a little time to grab attention. Don’t make your stories boring, and make your story description hooky.

. Always give your stories a high concept title.

You need to give your stories good titles so that when readers see it, they know what to expect.

· Try to engage with other writers

Other writers are most likely to be your first readers. You can find forums on Wattpad where so many other writers hang out and enter contests. It is a great way to meet people and you might win the contest and get a shout-out from a bigger profile.

· Always make use of your tags

You can be able to add up to 25 tags to your story. Make sure to use them all because the tags make your book more visible.

When you follow all these processes and more, you will surely get reads on Wattpad.

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