How To Get More Coins In 4×4 Hill Driver On Facebook

How To Get More Coins In 4x4 Hill Driver On Facebook

4X4 hill driver game is a game that enables you to drive your car on a hill, which you would come across some obstacles on your way. And you would also come across steel slope, treacherous road. A bad turn or a sudden stop when you are at high speed can make your truck go off-road. So, you should have it in mind that the road is not leveled in the game. However, you have to be prepared for the task ahead of you. It is because the higher in a level you go, the tougher and fun.

How To Get More Coins In 4x4 Hill Driver On Facebook

How Fun Is It

It’s really fun playing online 4×4 hill driver games on Facebook because you can show us your driving skills while driving on the hills.

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How to Gain More Coins

While driving, you would come across a series of coins, don’t avoid them instead hit the coins. It is because when you hit the coins, it would add to the ones you have in your coin bank.

Steps on How to Access 4×4 Hill Driver Online Game on Facebook

  1. online Log in to your Facebook account: How to log into your Facebook account? Log into your username, type in your password, and tap on the login. That way, you can access your account.
  2.  When your account is open tap on the three (3) column on your upper screen, then it would direct you to another page
  3. You would see other items listed on that page, but what you should look for is the word gaming
  4. on your screen tap on the word gaming, then it would direct you to another page. And on that page, you would see lots of games, then go for search and type the word 4X4 hill driver game. With that, you can access the 4×4 hill driver game on Facebook

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