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The recycle bin in your computer is where all your deleted files are piled up, just so you can retrieve them if you ever need them, Or perhaps you mistakenly deleted an important item, you can easily retrieve them from the recycle bin. In as much as it is very helpful, it also consumes a lot of hard drive space over time and may even slow down your computer when space runs out.

You could get so occupied and not remember to empty your recycle bin regularly. If you work with sensitive information that you have to delete on the go, then scheduling your recycle bin to be emptied would be the best idea, otherwise someone could easily access them in your recycle bin. One of the advantages of scheduling your recycle bin to be emptied is that you get to decide how long the files stay before they are automatically deleted, so you can retrieve them when you want to, and you can also retrieve files that you delete mistakenly.

How To Empty Your Recycle Bin On Schedule On Windows 10

This article covers two ways in which you can schedule your recycle bin to be emptied automatically, to make things easier for you.

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Creating A Task

Go to “Start” and type in “Task Scheduler” into the search bar, then click on enter. Next, click on “Task Schedule Library”, and then in “New Folder”. Proceed to name the folder whichever title you choose for easy reference. Right-click on the folder you just created and click on “Create Task”. Under the “General” setting for the task, fill in the name box for your new task. Go to the “Triggers” setting and click on “New”, then enter details of an action or actions that would trigger the task to run. While editing the trigger, you would set the task to be either “On Schedule”, then choose the “Weekly” or “Monthly” consistency to enable you to have some time to retrieve a deleted file when necessary. Next, go back to “Create Task” and click on “Actions” and click on “New”. While setting the action, Navigate to “Program/script” and type in “cmd.exe”, Next below this, you would see “Add arguments(optional):”, You need to type in the following command;

/c“echoY|PowerShell.exe-NoProfile-Command Clear-RecycleBin”. Ignore the “Start in(optional): prompt, go down the page and click on “OK”. Setting up this task would automatically empty your recycle bin according to the consistency you set.

Setting Your Storage Sense

Go to “Start” and click on settings, Next click on “System” and then on “Storage”. Turn on “Storage Sense” and click on “Configure storage sense or run it now”. On the next page, you would observe it is set to “During low free disk space”, you can change it to run “everyday”, “everyweek” or “every month”. Set the “Delete files in my recycle bin if they have been there for over” to the duration you want. You can also set the “Delete files in my downloads folder if they have been there for over” to the duration you want.

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