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What is Facebook watch, and the way it works?

Facebook Watch is built into Facebook, can as well be accessed into the main Facebook websites and the FB app on our mobile platforms and streaming devices, it can be found on its own watch tab, which is similar to the marketplace and messenger tabs.

FB Watch isn’t a cable replacement service. It’s more like YouTube than YouTube TV, because it doesn’t include live television from network or cable channels and it also has a lot in common with Instagram Tv.

Facebook Watch (Movies, Videos & Shows) – Facebook Watch App | Facebook Watch Live

Facebook watch involves a mixture of content from users and professionally produced content paid to have produced.

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How to Use Facebook Watch

Before FB watch can be used, you will need a Facebook account while you can technically navigate to the page for a FB watch show and play the video with a FB account, doing so will result to pop-up messages informing you to sign-up for Facebook.

If you have a FB account you are ready to use FB Watch, here is how to use it.

  • Navigate to
  • Select watch, in the left menu bar (look for the TV icon below news. Feed and messenger option in the navigation pane).
  •  That’s it!

 Watch Facebook is like Marketplace or Messenger. In that, it is highly integrated with Facebook, but exist as an extra thing that’s separate from the main news feed

Note: once you have open a Facebook watch you have a few ways to find video.

What Is a Facebook Channel?

The Facebook channel supports Facebook pages, which are different from personal timelines. Facebook page has business organizations and brands share their stories and connect with people.

How to Create a Facebook Watch Channel?

Creating a Facebook watch channel

  • Open the Admin console, and then click channel manager.
  • Click or enter New
  • Select the Facebook, you will see the Facebook request for permission starting the Alfresco is requesting permission for access to your Facebook account.
  •  Click allow, you will see a pop-up window indicating on your screen that a new Facebook channel has been created.

How to watch Facebook on TV?

To watch video from FB on your Tv

  1.  Find a video you would like to watch on your phone or desktop and press TV symbol in the right top corner
  2. Select the device you want your video to stream to
  3. Then watch your videos

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