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Closing an old email account may help you stay organized, but when it comes to yahoo email, it may actually be a security necessity.

What Does Deleting A Yahoo Mail Account Means?

Deleting a yahoo mail account doesn’t not only mean that your yahoo email would be removed l, you would as well loose access to your account and you will also not have access to your my yahoo settings, Flickr account and also photos and other data saved in yahoo stored, also make sure you download any information you might need in future before closing down your yahoo email.

How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account

Note: that closing your yahoo email account will not cancel automatic charges associated with your account l, anyone who tried to send you a message to your yahoo email account will receive a delivery failure message, so to avoid such you need to tell your friends and contacts that you are about to close your yahoo email account.

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Guide on How to Delete A Yahoo Account Permanently

How to delete a yahoo mail account

Close your yahoo email app with these easy steps

  1. Visit your yahoo account termination page
  2. Login with your yahoo ID that is registered to your email account, make sure you go through the term and conditions to avoid or prevent nasty surprises
  3. Read the information or details about the account termination and click continue
  4. Login your Yahoo password to confirm your identity 
  5. Next, you should see a confirmation screen from yahoo that gives you one last chance to change your mind on not deleting the yahoo account anymore
  6. At this stage, you most input your yahoo email address again and then click yes, delete this account. You get to see a confirmation page if you have successfully deleted your yahoo account
  7. Click * got it * and that the final step of the process then
  8. Press sound good to return to yahoo homepage.

How To Remover Yahoo Email Account Permanently On PC

  1. Visit a web browser on your pc, and go to the yahoo email account delete page and type https://edit.yahoo.com/conch/delete_user in the address bar and press enter
  2. Input your yahoo email address and press click NEXT, this would be done on the right side of the page
  3. Input your email password and click sign in
  4. Scroll downward and click continue, this is at the bottom of the information page
  5. You would need to enter your email address again; you would do so in the next field of the middle page
  6. Click YES terminate this account, this would schedule your account for deletion in 90days, then your account would be deleted permanently.

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