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Somethings, we desire to watch movies with our friends and loved ones, and in a family setting, for instance, everyone watching from a laptop isn’t convenient. This is one reason why people go for smart TV’s which make use of internet connections.

In this article, you are going to learn how to connect your laptop to a monitor so you get a much larger view and enjoy better sound of whatever movie or series you are watching on your laptop.

How To Connect Your Laptop To a Monitor

Using HDMI

One thing common with laptops is the series of ports they come with. This may be an exception for Mac’s, not to worry, we will discuss that.

Traditional HDMI

A good number of laptops and monitors come with HDMI input. If your laptop and monitor both have an HDMI input, just get an HDMI cable and plug it in both the laptop and monitor.

Micro HDMI

Also note, some laptops come with a micro HDMI instead of the usual HDMI port. In this case, get a cable that has the traditional HDMI on one end and a micro HDMI on the other end.

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Mac Ports

Mac’s don’t have HDMI ports but USB C ports. At this point, you are thinking, how then can I connect my Mac laptop to my monitor? Just relax, because you can still do it in two ways which are:

  • Getting a dock for your mac and
  • Getting a cable that has USB C on one end and HDMI on the other

Next Thing To Do: Mirror and Duplicate Displays

After finding the suitable cable for your laptop and desktop, the display menu presents you with the options mirror the displays or extend the displays.

To stream movies, it is advisable you choose Duplicate displays but in a case where you want two different activities taking place across both screens, click Extend display.


Where your monitor does see your laptop, don’t panic. All you need to do is, restart your laptop. Once you’ve done this, your monitor will be able to recognize your laptop.

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