How Does Night Mode Work on Smartphone Cameras

How Does “Night Mode” Work on Smartphone Cameras?

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Smartphone companies understand that some of the memories and moments we may want to capture and save happen at night. The night mode is one feature that many mobile cameras these days come with. While a lot of people only remember to turn on the camera flash while taking pictures in the dark, the pictures would definitely come out better when you turn on the night mode.

How Does Night Mode Work on Smartphone Cameras

Night Mode Keeps Getting Better

Over time, smartphone cameras have evolved to be better each year, especially the leading smartphone companies like Samsung and iPhone have upped their game when it comes to camera quality. New innovations that help capture details at night that previously would have been a wish or you would’ve had to use a professional camera to camera to capture. Although a couple of smartphones come with this night mode feature but some are advanced in processing images than others. With the iPhone 12, you can use the night mode feature on all your cameras including your selfie camera and with the new Google Astrophotography feature, you can capture the night sky with the stars in clear view.

Light and Photography

Every field has its jargons and photography certainly has a couple too, it’s important to be conversant with these terms as we expand on the topic so you don’t get lost wherever they are mentioned.

Dynamic Range is the range of darkest and brightest tones in a photo.

High Dynamic Range is a processing technique in which a camera changes its shutter speed to multiple photos at varying exposures then it combines the images to show shadows and highlights.

Exposure is the amount of light that gets to the camera sensor. It also determines how bright or dim a photo will be.

Shutter Speed is the period of time during which the camera sensor is exposed to light. Longer shutter speed allows a longer period of exposure to light but might cause blurriness.

The Night Mode Process

The Night mode process is similar to the High Dynamic Range technique works. Similarly, it changes its shutter speed to take multiple photos at varying exposures, after which it highlights the details of the environment in the photo.

Variations in Night Modes

From downsizing pixel sizes to produce more detailed photos to the different algorithms that smartphone companies have employed to improve the quality of their night mode; all are aimed at creating a detailed look on photos taken at night.

How to Get Great Night Mode Shots

Despite how great your phone camera is at taking night mode shots, these two tips would help you get better shots. Use a tripod stand to help the camera focus otherwise the photos may come out blurry. Try to have a source of lighting no matter how dim, this way your photos would be better processed.

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