Here's How to Use Samsung's New Website That Lets You Try One UI on iPhones

Samsung’s New iTest Website Gives iPhone Users Taste of Android

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The rivalry between Samsung and iPhone increases by the day. This time, Samsung is one steps ahead of Apple. Samsung has deviced a new method to convince Apple users to switch to Galaxy smartphones. First seen by MacRumors, this website functions only on iPhone and simulates Samsung’s One UI.

Here's How to Use Samsung's  New Website That Lets  You Try One UI on iPhones

Samsung Rolls Out iTest Website for iPhones

“You’re about to get a little taste of Samsung, without changing phones. We can’t replicate every function, but you should quickly see that there’s nothing daunting about switching to the other side,” says the company.

Moreover, this site is part of a marketing campaign in New Zealand, iPhone users world wide can check it out. Although you’ll need to be running iPhone 7 or later to check it out. Follow the steps below to try out Samsung’s Android skin on your iPhone:

⦁ First of all, head to the iTest website and add the app to your iPhone’s home screen. To do that, tap on the ‘Share button and tap Add to Home Screen’ option.

⦁ When that’s done, click on it to open.

⦁ And that’s it. You can now check out Samsung’s One UI on your iPhone.

Within the iTest experience, Samsung also included Fortnite, something that you can’t find on iPhone presently, and its lineup of TWS earbuds. Now you have a good website to check out if you’re planning of switching from iPhone to Android.

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