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Groceries are very important to every household, and they are required in varied quantities every single day, 365 days a year. Are you currently unable to reach out to a grocery store, and probably in desperate need of groceries? Online delivery of groceries is now your go-to option. There are several online grocery stores where you can find whatever you want, shop virtually, and have them delivered to you. Here are a few of them.

Groceries Online Delivery

WALMART is one of the most popular and reliable online grocery shops in the USA, and they attract customers with the great quality of merchandise and customer service. Their discount offers on sale are always worth checking out.


Everyone knows that Amazon is great with e-retailing, and they equally offer great services with groceries. Amazon Fresh deals mostly on fresh grocery items like vegetables, meat, and fruits while Amazon Pantry deals on items like toiletries, grains and cereals, beverages, and cosmetics.


Costco has their unique style of online grocery shopping experience for customers and makes shopping worthwhile.


Shopping on Shoprite gives customers great deals which enable you to spend less than your budget.


Safeway has over the years perfected meeting the needs of customers, and since they’ve been around for a while, having about 2,200 stores in 33 states, you can definitely count on them for great services.


Sears has a broad range of territory they cover, with this you can always be reassured that they’ve got you covered, as they ship to over 100 countries. They also have some unique delivery services.


Kmart Online own Sears, you can only get the best from the best.


Shopping online, with Instacart connects you to several stores, which presents you the opportunity to place combined orders and have them delivered to you.


Kroger is also a popular commonly used online grocery shop, they have a great reputation and offer great discounts and loyalty programs.


Peapod has a good reputation in the quality of their food as they follow a great food safety standard. Their delivery system is also very organized, with well-trained staff.

Some Advantages of shopping for groceries online are;

  • It saves you time – Online shopping is always a smart move, as it brings the physical store, the whole store into your palm. Shopping this way definitely affords you the time to do other things.
  • It saves you money – There are always great deals to take advantage of and discounts by using coupons while shopping online, this is definitely a great way to spend lower than your budget and save some coins.
  • Easy Comparisons – In just a few minutes, you could be in and out of several online grocery stores, as you compare the prices and choose the best offer.
  • No Waiting in Queues – You can avoid the stress of waiting in queues as you shop online.

In summary, Online grocery delivery makes life much easier as it brings several stores into one place, helps you maximize options, and delivers to you. Delivery usually works in two ways. In one way, your order is delivered to your doorstep and in the other way, it’s delivered to a store close to you. While making orders for groceries online, you always want to be careful to choose the best because they are consumables.

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