Grammarly App Free Download

Grammarly App Free Download – How to Easily Download Grammarly App on Android and iOS

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Grammar skills are very essential for most office jobs because they actually make content easy to read and understand. But to be sure that your grammar is very okay for the material or report you are making; it might take a lot of time. That is why you need a tool such as Grammarly to help you in correcting all your writing errors.

Grammarly App Free Download

Grammarly will help you to check where you are missing or overusing punctuation marks, spelling errors, subject agreement, sentence formation, verb agreement and so many other features that come with it.

In case you are working with the word, there is a chance that you are making use of Grammarly already though Grammarly gives out a free extension that allows one to make use of it with Microsoft word and other tools in Microsoft office.

A lot of users are making use of the free Grammarly extension or the add-on from chrome or Firefox in order to correct their blog posts, emails, or their social media post. It is also possible to use the editor to store and paste documents.

The Grammarly app comes with features that will help you with your writing, these features include:

  • It checks your writing style. It can detect when words are looking too informal and then tells you to change them.
  • You are allowed to customize the free version of Grammarly and add your preferred features like, you can add words to the dictionary, you can choose the website you wish to be using it for and you can be able to choose your preferred language.
  • It will help you to detect all your grammar and spelling errors. It also helps you to improve your writing.
  • It gives accurate corrections and so if you are having a feeling that the corrections are not correct, you will have to check if the problem is coming from the way you constructed your sentence. Sometimes their correction might also have the same meaning as yours then you can make your choice between the two words.

How to Download Grammarly On Your Devices

If you are making use of an Android device, you can get it from your Google play store. But if you are using an iOS device, you can be able to download it from App Store. After downloading the app, you then open it on your device and follow the instructions given to set it up in your device. After that, you can then start using Grammarly in your device and start enjoying its features.

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