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Facebook Avatar Facebook – There has been a constant upgrade in the way in which communication is being done on Facebook. It has evolved from just sending texts to using emoji which are expressive images. At this time, the trending feature on Facebook is none other than “Facebook Avatar. There is a lot of excitement in the air at this very moment and also, a lot of questions to be answered. Just be patient. If you read this particular article to the end, you will have a concrete idea of what Facebook avatars are. Take a chill.

Facebook Avatar Facebook

All About Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar is similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji. The feature aids Facebook users create cartoon avatars all by themselves. Once you have your avatar created, you are allowed to use it in messenger, stories, and comments.

There have never been a better means for Facebook users to express themselves because this feature is filled with great advantages. Now, you can reduce the way you make use of text whenever you want to pass a message across or communicate. Using the avatar, you can say absolutely anything and your recipient will perfectly understand. Your feelings are totally captured in these avatars. You can make use of the avatars on any part of Facebook that requires text.

Free Facebook Avatar Creator

The only means with which you can create your own avatar is with the Facebook Avatar Creator. Guess what? Creating your avatars on Facebook is totally free. People are thinking that there is an app on their app stores called “Facebook Avatar Creator”. This isn’t true because the avatar creator on Facebook isn’t a stand-alone app. If you are thinking of download it, you are just wasting your time. The feature is embedded right in the Facebook app. At the moment, not all countries have the avatar creator so, don’t be too bothered if you can’t find it on your Facebook app.

Step by Step on How to Access Facebook Avatar Creator

You have to make sure you are making use of the latest Facebook app version first. Once you are done with that, you can now follow the steps below to access the avatar creator:

  • Log in your Facebook account by opening your Facebook app
  • Tap the menu icon at the top right
  • From the menu displayed, click “Avatar” after scrolling down

Now you’ve clicked on the Avatar icon, you need to follow the onscreen information to start creating your own avatars. On the Avatar creator, they are different sections from which you can choose from to create a stunning avatar. You can choose, shape of face, eyebrow, skin tone, hairstyle, clothes, face hair, and lots more.

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