Google’s Fi’s Additional Pandemic Data Caps And Payment Extensions Will Stop Next Week

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Like other carriers and telecommunication companies, Google raised Fi’s data caps and extended its payment grace period as feedback to coronavirus a few months ago. And like those other companies, Google is now returning to its standard policies for data speeds and late payments. The company has updated Google’s Fi’s Help page to give users updates that things are going back to the way they were starting on September 3rd.

Google raised Fi’s limits for full-speed data to 30GB per user, regardless of their tier. Google also gave its MVNO telecommunications service subscribers 60 days from their billing date to settle any outstanding debt they had. For their next billing cycle after September 3rd, though, Flexible tier subscribers will again have a 15GB cap, while Unlimited subscribers will go back to 22GB.

Google's Fi's Additional Pandemic Data Caps And Payment Extensions Will Stop Next Week

Fi’s grace period for late payments will be back to three days, as well, though there seems to be hope for those still having the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “If you are experiencing COVID-19 related financial hardship, please contact us to see if your account is eligible for additional support,” Google said in the support page.

Most companies had already withdrawn the COVID-19 related perks they gave subscribers back in July. Some chose to wait for a while before bringing back old policies – AT&T, for example, extended its data cap waiver until September 30th for everyone other than it Digital Subscriber Line broadband customers.

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