Facebook Watch Feature

Facebook Watch Feature

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Facebook Watch Feature – let’s start by asking ourselves a question. When last did you go to the store to buy CDs or cassettes? I mean that’s the old version right. These days you can download whatever you want to watch or listen to within seconds.

With so many popular streaming services out there like Netflix, prime video, YouTube, Hulu and Spotify and so many more, you know you’re covered for whatever you want. Facebook decided to join the trend by giving us its own streaming called “Watch”.

Facebook Watch Feature

What Is Facebook Watch?

The Facebook Watch is a feature that works exactly like other streaming services. It has become a go-to place to discover videos across Facebook for whatever you’re into – whether that’s live events, sports, news, shows, or music videos.

Today the platform has a recorded figure of 1.2 billion people monthly visitors on Watch. It works in two ways, you can decide to go there and stream videos and you can also upload any content of your choice.
Facebook’s actual intent is to entertain people when they visit Watch. All you have to do own a Facebook account before you can access this feature.

How Much Does The Watch Feature Cost?

Reading this article you might think I’m here again to bore you with news that will end up taking money out of you. It’s totally different in this case. The company made this feature available for all users and it’s totally for free.

How to Watch Videos on Facebook

All you have to do is log into your account. At the top of your home page, you’ll see the feature provided by Facebook. Click on the icon the looks like a mini TV in a box. Now you can begin to stream your videos.

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