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Facebook Lite Install Free – is officially a Facebook client that allows you to use this powerful social network through a much lighter app that’s better suited for low-power Andriod devices or ones with limited internet connections.

This particular version of Facebook has been deemed a better version by thousands of users. For those with little or no idea of how Facebook Lite works, I will be showing you every detail of how the company programmed the app to be.

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How To Install Facebook Lite
Luckily, its very simple to download a version of the app and install it manually. Below are steps to downloading Facebook Lite;

  1. Allow Third-Part Apps. Before installing an Andriod app from outside the Play Store, you will need to enable the installation process in the Settings menu.
  2. Go to your browser and search for Facebook Lite,
  3. Download the Facebook Lite APK,
  4. Install the APK into your device.
    What Is The Purpose Of Facebook Lite
    ⦁ It is installed very quickly. The app is smaller, so it’s quick to download and takes little storage space;
    ⦁ Facebook Lite can function on old Android phones as well, you can use it on older phones that are not supported by the common Facebook App;
    ⦁ Consumes less data and is more efficient with your mobile data. Save money by using less data;
    ⦁ It loads quickly – it is the company’s fastest app. Upload photos faster and see updates from friends;
    ⦁ Finally, it works on all networks. It is designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable internet connections and is compatible with Android 2.2 or higher.

How To Add Facebook Lite To Home Screen
You can simply go to your Application Drawer, click and hold on the app icon and drag onto your home screen ( this should work for most launchers). Another way is to tap and hold on an empty spot on your home screen, select the Add shortcut option, and select the FB app.

It is said that whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, but FB Lite doesn’t have any disadvantages. However, if you own a high-end phone and have high-speed internet, then you will miss the standard app. That’s because though the Lite App is fast when it comes to individual actions, the app disappoints.

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