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Facebook now has a new ‘jobs’ feature that permits businesses to post job vacancies on their Facebook page. The work is going to be visible to anyone who visits the page, and also appears on the news feeds of users who have visited’ the page.

Facebook Jobs – How to Post Jobs On Facebook | Jobs on Facebook

How to Post Employment on Facebook

Facebook job posting allows employers to post jobs on their pages. Employers can then run the posting as ads and target potential employees and also job applications can automatically be filled out with the applicant’s profile information, which applications can edit.

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Facebook Job Posting Tips

It’s one thing to post-employment on Facebook and it another thing to have it successfully recruit quality applicants, thereunder it is the list of our top recommendations on the way to post jobs on Facebook with the Facebook job features.

  1. Know the difference between an employment posting and an employment description

A job description may be a list of technical writing meant for internal use that describes expectations, qualifications, and duties that accompany a task. An employment posting on the opposite hand is written for essential use. It is meant to attract the attention of great applications and get them to drop everything and apply for your position. 

  • Start the text of the post with an issue applicant will say ‘YES’ to

Facebook and expert Amy porter field suggest that if you are running a billboard, you ought to start the text with the question that someone reading it will answer ‘YES’ to.

This is a common theme you will see among Facebook job postings and advertising in general. That’s because it works.

Facebook Jobs – How to Post Jobs On Facebook | Jobs on Facebook

3.  Make sure you post for a wider reach and targeting abilities

Boosting your post will make it go viral and seeing how wider sections of Facebook users instead of just people who follow your page.

4.  Target an audience for your Facebook job post

Face provides a verity of ways to focus on job posts so that the most relevant candidates see it.

5.  Maximum engagement with perfect sized images

Having a picture during a post makes people’s posts more interesting with it. Confirm you employ the correct size of picture or photo so that your post will look good on Facebook for people to see and have an interest in.

Here maybe a quick reference for common image size (in pixels)

  • Post 940 * 788
  • In-feed ad image: 1200 *628
  • Right corner add image: 1200 * 628
  • Carousel ad image: 600 * 600

Note: using Facebook for recruiting is very effective way to reach candidates that are passive or not searching for a job.

How to Recruit on Facebook

  1. Create attention-grabbing jobs posting
  2. Use Facebook to promote your job fair.
  3. Make a video ad candidate that Facebook will love
  4. Click or tap into your employee network of friends
  5. Use Facebook live to satisfy potential candidates

How does one post a job on Facebook ??

Here are the steps on how to post a job on your Facebook page

  • Go to company Facebook page.
  • Look at the ‘create bar’ slightly below your profile photo.
  • Click ‘job’
  • Add basic job description info
  • Be sure to add a photo, then your post will perform much better
  • Review and publish
  • Consider ‘Boosting’ your post once its hours live.

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