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Facebook Insights 2020 – Analytic tools are very helpful in the digital marketing and advertising industries. The essence of this tool is to help you keep a proper track of the growth of your business and audience who value your services the most. If you’ve probably never heard of the Facebook Insights Tools, then you should follow this article because it will enlighten you on the use of analytics on Facebook to monitor your online authority. A lot of persons use Facebook for marketing but because of the fact they don’t make use of Facebook Insights, they are short on ideas about where their business is heading and what strategies are best for their businesses.

Facebook Insights 2020

Facebook Analytic Tool – Facebook Insight

Facebook Insights is an analytical tool that gives fan page and business page owners on Facebook insights regarding their services using demographic data. This data reveals to users the audience they have been able to reach in a day, week, and month.

This is one great tool that helps you understand if your business is actually growing or declining on Facebook. The Facebook analytic tool is free and you are rest assured of getting quality data with demographics. The data guides you and puts you in a position where you understand your audience and competition. Only the admin of a Fan or Business page on Facebook has access to this tool. The tool gives you a detailed performance of your Facebook page and business.

How to Access Facebook Insights Audience Tool – Step by Step

There is no stress in locating this tool. To access it, follow the laid down steps below:

  • Sign in your Facebook account
  • Get to your Facebook page
  • Locate “Ads Manager”
  • Click “Tools” at the top of your page
  • Select “Audience Insights”

 It is very easy as you can see.

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