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Facebook Free Mode Set Up – To activate the Facebook free mode and start using the platform for free is a very easy task you can carry out within a few minutes and with ease. Many users feel this process will take a whole day to activate so they don’t bother giving it a try.

It doesn’t seem to take much of your time. The use of this mode is so unique as no other social media over the years gives access to its users to browse their different platforms for free without bandwidth charge.

In as much as you are opportune to use FB for free, you have to know some facts about the free mode.

Facebook Free Mode Set Up

How To Activate Facebook Free Mode Set-Up

After stating some facts about FB free mode, if feel this article won’t be complete without telling you how to set it up:

  • On your Facebook profile page, look at the top right part of your page
  • Locate the Go-To Free directive text coated in purple color
  • Click on it
  • Automatically, you can start using Facebook for free.

Note: Facebook free mode restricts you from viewing uploaded images, watch video clips, and see any live upload.

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