Discovery Plus APK 2.5.0

Discovery Plus APK 2.5.0 | Discovery+ for Android TV 2.5.0 APK Download

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You can download the latest version of Discovery Plus APK made available for free for android devices. With this, you will be able to watch a lot of different shows related to nature, lifestyle, wildlife and some other educative stuffs.

This is an educational television made for you to enjoy. This Discovery Plus is here for you to download in your android device if you wish to watch unlimited TV broadcasts of documentaries and so many informative shows.

Discovery Plus APK 2.5.0

Some Discovery Plus Features

  • With this app, you will be able to stream as much HD quality documentaries as you want, and so many other educational TV shows with your mobile device.
  • Among the good things about this app is the fact that you will be given access to over 4000 total hours in the informative programs that will surely keep your attention and also help in building your knowledge.
  • This is a safe and free experience for users to enjoy.
  • You can also use two different devices to share a particular account of Discovery Plus.
  • Another good thing about this app is the ability for users to share their favorites with their family and friends on WhatsApp compatibility.
  • This unique app also comes with about 8 different language options that users can choose from. And so, users will not have any language issue when making use of this Discovery Plus.
  • Incase you do not want to search through typing, you can simply make use of the voice search options.
  • You will be getting full programs totally for free. You will be getting free education with this app.
  • You can be able to switch up what you are watching to the big screen. And you can also be able to transfer what you are streaming to your Chromecast at any time.
  • Another amazing thing is the Child Lock feature which you can use to block and also access to shows that are rated 18+. So that your kids can also make use of this app without coming across some adult contents.
  • The app also comes with a premium version that charges small price, there are no ads in this version.

Download Discovery Plus APK Free for Android

Why don’t you go ahead and download Discovery Plus APK that is available for free in your android device to be able to access one nifty addition. This is to say, when you get this version, you will be able to go pro with it.

So, you can download this app to enjoy this features and a lot more.

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