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Pictures play a vital role in everyone’s life. Therefore people do their best to ensure their pictures have the best quality. One of the contributing factors to good photos is a good background.

There are many factors why people may desire to remove the background of a picture. The picture might reveal some classified information or showcase unimportant objects in its background. Whatever the case is, people will desire to remove such backgrounds.

This article explores the best apps that remove background in pictures, increase picture quality and make life easier for individuals without picture editing skills.

Apps that Remove Background

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Pick your top choice  background removal app among the list below and be sure to get the best result :


This app is excellent for removing background. It can be used on android and iPhone devices, and downloaded from the play store and app store, respectively.

Additionally, TouchRetouch does more than removing the background of pictures. It also helps replace it with another background of your choice and puts you on the way to a picture-perfect.

Background Eraser: Superimpose

Background eraser is a background removal app that is direct and simple to use. Like other apps, Background Eraser can be used on both android and ios devices and can be gotten from the play store and app store.

Moreover, this app has other functionalities, including image split and color tools. Edited images are used for clip arts or stamps.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

This app is considered the complete photo editor in the world. Adobe Photoshop is perfect if you desire to remove the background of your pictures. 

Like other image background removal apps, Adobe Photoshop can be used on both android and iPhones. This app also has several tools that help to highlight different aspects of the image. 


The qualities of this app are similar to that of TouchRetouch mentioned above. However, it is interesting to know that this app does way more than remove the background of images. It also has the brush option, which helps to remove other unwanted objects from the picture.

Additionally, this app also has cloning tools in which you can copy a picture and make a similar picture in another image app.

Ultimate Background Eraser

Users should note that this app can only be used on android phones and can be downloaded from the play store. However, just as the name implies, this app is very efficient for removing the background of images.

With a single click, users can remove the app background and adjust their image. You can always export and import pictures to this app.

Ultimate background eraser also allows users to recover their backgrounds and default image if they feel uncomfortable with the edited idea.

As with other apps that remove background, the Ultimate background eraser is easy to use. In addition, the features and tools of the ultimate background eraser are efficient and easy to work with. 

This is a fantastic site for non- graphic designers as its interface is easy to use and understand. This app removes the background of images and helps edit such pictures to the user’s taste in five seconds. It removes up to 99% of the background.


This article has suggested the best apps for removing background available for download on the play store and AppStore for your android and iPhones, even if you do not have any established picture editing skills. 

Search for these apps on their respective stores and download them on your device. Then pick the one that seems most suitable for you and find yourself on the way to making a perfect picture.

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