Apple Launches Third-Party 'Find My' App to Test Its Compatible Accessories

Apple Launches Third-Party ‘Find My’ App to Test Its Compatible Accessories

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Not only did the tech giant launch iOS 14 at last year’s WWDC, they also made reference to include support for the third-party accessories of its “Find My” app. It has finally come to pass, Apple has launched a new “Find My Certification Assistant” app made for iPhone Licensees to test the functions of their accessories together with Apple’s Find My Network.

The app is currently available on the App Store and is designed for third-party accessory manufacturers to test their products that included the ‘Find My’ network. Concerning details about this app, it helps MFi Licensees to test the “discovery, connection, and other key requirements” of their products that will use Apple’s proprietory accessory-finder technology.”

Apple Launches Third-Party 'Find My' App to Test Its Compatible Accessories

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll find this app really helpful. Manufacturers can run a line-up of tests for their accessories. These include tests for connectivity, firmware, NFC, key management, power, sound, and more.

We still have no clue if this launch leads to the third-party device program in the coming days. Moreover, it also indicates that Apple is nearly ready to launch its long-rumored, Tile-like finder-accessory AirTags.

However, with the Find My network open to other manufacturers, can anticipate more Find My-compatible accessories to launch in the future.

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