Android Apps Only Available in The Us

Android Apps Only Available In The Us

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If you don’t know at this point, there are some mobile applications that can only be accessed in the USA. These apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

In this article, you will be learning about Android Apps Only Available in The US. The United States of America as a country is known for making use of a lot of mobile applications. This shouldn’t be a shock since the two most popular operating systems in the world (Android and iOS) were developed in the USA.

Android Apps Only Available in The Us

We come across a lot of apps every day on Google Playstore but have you ever stumbled open apps you couldn’t download because of your location? Yes, this happens. As an eye-opener, it is important you know that there are some apps that apply to some specific locations and if you are not in the location, you won’t be able to install the app on your Android device. Before listing these apps, let’s see how you can download them on your Google Playstore.

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How to Download Apps on Google Playstore

To download apps on Google Playstore, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open your Google Playstore on your Android device
  • Using the search box found at the top of your page, search the app by name e.g. Chrome
  • Click Install
  • Now, wait for the download to be completed

Using this method, you can download just any app on your Google Playstore with ease.

List of Android Apps Only Available in the US

These are a list of apps only available in the USA:

  • Google Voice
  • Vevo
  • Apple Camera+
  • Apple iMovie
  • Pandora
  • HBO Now

If you are not in the USA, I am sorry you won’t have access to any of the above-mentioned apps. Knowing that there are apps only available in the USA has opened you up to the fact that there are apps that are available in just some specific countries.

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