Activate Fall Detection for Your Apple Watch - Quick Method

Activate Fall Detection for Your Apple Watch – Quick Method

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It’s good to know that our Apple Watches comes with a few handy feature to help us in time of need. We all are victim of a quick tumble, but it can really go bad if not attended to instantly.

The company embedded a feature in its watch that will help those with illness that make them falls or faint occasionally. Here’s is how the feature works.

Activate Fall Detection for Your Apple Watch -  Quick Method

How Does Apple Watch Fall Detection Function?

Fall detection is only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later. When someone falls, the Fall detection sends you an alert that you have fallen while wearing it. You’ll receive a pop-alert together with sound and haptic feedback.

It gives you the option to contact emergency services or dismiss the alert.

You can call it a distress signal if you like. If the Watch detects any movements, it will wait for you to respond to the alert and will only call emergency services if you tell it to. If your Apple Watch detects immobility for a minute or more, it automatically dials emergency services.

If you have emergency contacts set in your Medical ID, the watch will then send them a message letting them know that a hard fall was detected and that emergency services were contacted.

If you have no emergency contacts and medical ID, here’s a guide to setting up your medical ID in case of an emergency.

How to Turn On Fall Detection on Apple Watch

You’ll need your iPhone to enable Fall Detection on a connected Apple Watch:

⦁ First open the Watch app on your iPhone.

⦁ Head to the My Watch tab.

⦁ Make sure your Watch and iPhone are paired.

⦁ Select Emergency SOS.

⦁ Enable the Fall Detection option.

Adults 55 and older have Fall Detection on by default. It’s not recommended for those under 18.

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