Yiddish on Duolingo

Yiddish on Duolingo – Learn to Speak it Today

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Duolingo is adding another language to its dozens of other languages: Yiddish. That’s where words like “klutz,” “schmooze,” and “spiel,” basically originated from. Now, you can familiarize yourself with the language using Duolingo.

Yiddish on Duolingo

Are You Aware Of “Bupkis” About Yiddish?

Yiddish is a Germanic language that was originally spoken by Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe. Yiddish isn’t a very common language, however, a good number of words we use daily are actually derived fomr the language.

There a just few people who speak the language today and these speakers are spread all over the world. A lot of Yidddish speakers died during the World War II (Holocaust) and the once that survived were forced to migrate to different parts of the world.

If I’m not mistakenly, there are roughly, 600,000 Yiddish speakers left. It a good thing the this language has been introduced into Duolingo. Now you can engage in the distinct sound and Hebrew-based script that’s unique to Yiddish. Duolingo announced the addition of Yiddish in a post on the Duolingo Blog, which makes it the platform’s 40th language.

To learn this language, visit Yiddish course page on Duolingo. Keep in mind that you can use Duolingo for free, but if you want to eliminate ads, track your progress, and access the app offline, you might want to think about upgrading to Duolingo’s $6.99/month Plus plan.

Yaddish Now Available For You

Whenever you free you can head straigth to the site and learn Yaddish even if it’s just for 5 minutes per day. ut if that’s not your thing, Duolingo offers a massive library of languages, some of which are lesser spoken or entirely fictional.

You can learn to speak Spanish, French, German, Gaelic, Welsh, Hawaiian, Swahili and a lot more with Duolingo.

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