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In the 21st century being a woman shouldn’t make one feel unsafe, but due to the wickedness of men, women are generally unsafe, hence why I want to write about, women safety app, an app that would help women feel safe in this scary world.

In a world where women are empowered, crimes, accidents and dangerous incidents still tend to happen to the female folks, most of which are not their faults. Women tend to be generally unsafe as they tend to want to do more with the God given empowerment they have.

Women in the 21st century tend to face violence as most women fear walking home alone at night, going out with friends or strangers, and exploring the world as the should. While some countries have laws against women, personal safety has been the priority of the modern woman.

Women are beings who want to explore and see the world, have different experiences and fun, but these days, the matter of being safe has being the concern of the female folk worldwide. Most women need a male presence, in other words, the presence of a man to feel safe, most of them need to be in clusters and walk in a group to feel safe.

As the years go by, the enhancement of technology is evident in various industries one of the industries this technology has really help develop is the mobile application and mobile phone industry. Since the need for women to be safe when they are alone has risen so has the advancement of technology enhanced to cater for the needs of women.

Mobile phone applications have been developed to make women feel safe wherever they find themselves. Simply put in a group they can be called women safety app. These include lots of apps developed with the sole aim of making women feel safe and that’s what this article is all about.

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Best Safety Apps

There are a lot of apps that have been developed and claimed to have the capabilities and requirement that would help keep women and the general public safe, the best of these apps have been handpicked for y’all to see and decide which meets your safety needs and they are enumerated as follows,


bsafe is seen as one of the most reliable safety apps in the world as it reliable for one’s personal safety, especially the safety of women. It is a safety service that can be used by anyone, an app that helps solve security issues for everyone. It prevents crime, sexual assaults, violence, and rape. and also helps to create evidence in cases where atrocities have already occurred. This is one of the best women safety app.

Features of bsafe app

  • Fake Call: This helps your phone to place a call to you to get out of annoying and threatening situations
  • Follow Me: Helps your guardians track you with GPS
  • Guardians: This helps you create a social personal security network of friends and family who are your guardians
  • Automatic Recording: Automatically record audio and video
  • Live Streaming: When activated, your guardians get to know your location, hear and see everything that’s happening with you in real-time.
  • Voice Activation: Enable the app without having to touch your device, only word of mouth is enough

How to Download bsafe App

There are so many steps that can be taken to download the Badoo App but for simplicity, to download bsafe app for Android devices click here and to download bsafe for iOS devices, Click here


Life360 is an app that helps you protect people who matter the most to you in a comprehensive way and the safety features of Life360 range from life at home, on the web and on the go, all this to bring the desired safety your friends, family and mostly women deserve.

Features of Life360 App

Membership on the Life360 app comes with benefits most of which include,

  • 24/7 Emergency dispatch for your entire family.
  • Family safety Assist
  • Identity theft protection
  • Crime reports to see and avoid dangerous situations

How to Download Life360 App

There are so many steps that can be taken to download the Life360 App but for simplicity, to download Life 360 App for Android devices click here and to download Life360 App for iOS devices, Click here

My SOS Family

This is an app that is said to give peace of mind in time of loneliness. It is a response alert tool; this means that it is app that sends alert to people and delivers response in form of help. This is an app that can be used by just anyone. Users of the app have the opportunity to add their friends and family who would be their responder in time of need

Features of My SOS Family App

The app is packed full of features, most of which include,

  • SOS Countdown Timer (like Egg Timer), S.O.S. Alerts sent when timer reaches ‘0’ if not cancelled.
    SOS Timer counts down in the cloud so if something happens to you or your phone is taken or smashed, we’ll still automatically, alert your emergency contacts when the timer in the cloud reaches zero.
  • Add message to Alerts.
  • Add photo to Alerts (stranger danger)
  •  Set-up allows Alerting everyone simultaneously or one person after another.
     Send Check-In email/notifications with location & message (& image) to update ‘check-in contacts’ where you are or what you’re doing/going to next.
  • Gives everyone peace of mind and a Log to refer to should something happen.
     Connect Bluetooth devices to trigger Alerts.
  •  Auto-dial Emergency Services in your country. (set it for any number) We alert emergency contacts whilst your phone auto-dials.
  •  Speed-dial personal SOS number to record voice message & we’ll Alert all with 20 seconds of vital info in recording. App Menu shows your special number

How to Download My Family SOS App

There are so many steps that can be taken to download the My Family SOS App but for simplicity, to download My Family SOS App for Android devices click here and to download My Family SOS App for iOS devices, Click here

Other Apps that have proven to provide safety for women include

Ur Safe (Android | iOS)

My Safetipin (Android | iOS)


This article helped you explore the world of personal and security safety apps that have proven to be helpful in this world of uncertainty and insecurity. Women are the ones mostly in need of this. If you are woman and you are reading this, I assure you that the world is becoming a much better place, stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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