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WhatsApp Business App For iOS Free Download – Looking for a mobile app that keeps you connected to your customers? It’s the WhatsApp Business App. This is a version of WhatsApp different from the standard WhatsApp you know because this version goes beyond instant messaging and status update. There is more to the business version in the sense that it aids small business owners consistently update all their customers with their products and services just in one place.

WhatsApp Business App For iOS Free Download

When people contact you on WhatsApp using your WhatsApp Business number, it gives them the idea that they are not chatting with a person but a business. Here, businesses can create catalogs about their goods and services to a particular community. That is, their business contacts. Using WhatsApp Business, you gain access to more features that can help take your business to a whole new level.

When you see the standard WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, the first difference you will identify is in their logos. For the business version, you have a “B” in the speech bubble of the logo. Some features you will see also in the WhatsApp Business App are; Business profile, customized messaging tools, WhatsApp TV, Statistics and Organization.

WhatsApp Business App is available on Android and iOS. For iOS users, check out how you can download this app.

How to Download WhatsApp Business App Free For iOS

To make use of the WhatsApp Business App, you are required to have a mobile phone number with which people can reach you. Follow the steps below to download the app on your iOS device.

•          Launch your Apple App Store on your device

•          Get to the bottom of your page and tap App

•          Tap Search and input WhatsApp Business

•          Tap the WhatsApp Business App

•          Tap Get

•          Tap Install

•          Open your WhatsApp Business App.

Enjoy business using WhatsApp Business..

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