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The watchOS 5 is currently Apple’s number one product outshining the series 1, 2, 3, and 4. The series 4 is a very beautiful product that many persons fell for on release but had no idea that what was coming was greater. I don’t know how Apple Inc. continually blows people’s mind with the uniqueness of their products but what I know is they are good at it. Not just good but great.watchOS 5

Today, am going to be talking to you on the amazing specifications of the watchOS 5

Features of watchOS 5

The features of watchOS 5 are very interesting. Beholding this watch alone is a thing of joy. I promise you haven’t seen a watch this beautiful. Its features are as follows;

Workout Updates

Before you get intense with your workout, this automated feature detects it and gives you a notification to start the workout app. It doesn’t leave out your credit from the workout you did earlier. It gives a very detailed metrics of the success of your exercise like; calorie burn. Even if you by chance get distracted while doing your exercise, you are going to get a notification to end the workout. And more interesting, you can current select hiking in your workout app with accurate info about your journey so far. The automatic workout detector can also read you step per minute. While doing your exercise, you can choose to set a pace alert which would notify you about success in beating the time or failure in not beating it.

  • Apple Podcast – As you work out, you can get yourself entertained by the Apple Podcast listening to things that can help elevate your spirit even more.
  • Walkie-Talkie – This is a new feature to keep you connected with persons who also have the watchOS. It is very interesting and gives you the ability to interact no matter where you find yourself. All you need is just one tap and you are connected.Apple Watch
  • Brilliant Notifications – Getting notification in a properly arrange manner was what the other Apple watches lacked. With the watchOS 5, your notifications from a certain app are being accurately group to reduce the stress of scroll. You also can now view web page introduced to you via a link in an optimized pattern. Also, you can respond to notifications sent to you.
  • Improver Siri – The Siri in the watchOS 5 is smarter and more reliable. It gets to know you even better as you make use of it. Giving useful suggestions and useful shortcuts as you go about your daily activities.





You can also use this device for competitions with your friends. It would give you notifications as the competition goes including a victory trophy for the winner.Apple Watch 5

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