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Walmart Money Centers are financial stores by Walmart Incorporated, which you would find in many of their variety stores. The Money Center offers services like Bill Payments, managing your account, you can also receive and send money both locally and internationally, these and lots more financial services are available at the Walmart Money Centers. You can choose to see it as an alternative for going to your regular banks for your daily financial transactions. Walmart Money Centers have some very interesting features, and we would be exploring some in this article. Although most of these services are available in many outlets of the Walmart Money Centers but there are some few outlets that may not offer the full range of services offered by Walmart Money Centers. Here are some commonly used services at Walmart Money Centers.

Walmart Money Centers – Walmart Money Card Reload Centers | Walmart Money Centers Near Me


Cashing of cheques happens to be one of the most frequently used services at Walmart Money Centers, considering that there are no much requirements to cash your cheque, coupled with the fact that customers are relieved of the stress of having to stay on waiting queues to have their cheques attended to. Although you must note that cashing your cheque at Walmart Money Centers will cost you $4 for cheques within the range of $1,000, $8 for cheques above $1,000 to $5,000. $5,000 is the cashing limit at Walmart Money Centers, although, during tax refund season, you can get your cheques of $7,500 cash at $8. It is also important to note that Walmart Money Centers wouldn’t just accept any cheque, Because it isn’t a bank doesn’t mean they wouldn’t follow the guidelines set to cash your cheque, So if you’re going to use Walmart Money Centers to cash your cheque, you must go along with necessary identification and a cash worthy cheque.


At Walmart Money Centers you can conveniently pay for most of your bills like your Mortgage, Rent, Utilities, Phone, and Cable. Using Walmart Money Centers definitely makes paying bills much easier, considering that you can pay almost all your bills in one place, saving you the stress of driving from one service center to another.

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Walmart Money Centers also give you the opportunity to make transfers both domestic and internationally, using options like Money Gram which is the second largest money transfer company after Western Union. Having such partnership affords you the option of sending money to different locations around the world using their funds transfer service.


The Walmart Money Card is a prepaid card which serves as a regular debit or credit card, it also comes in the Visa and MasterCard versions. With the money card, you can make purchases in both Walmart and any retail store that accepts Visa or MasterCard. To fund your money card, you can either make a direct deposit, cash a cheque, do an online bank transfer, have your tax refunds go directly into your card, Use Walmart Rapid Reload, or Use PayPal. These options are all convenient and do not require a long process.

Using Walmart Money Centers has quite a lot of benefits, here are a few.

  • It’s relatively cheap
  • It’s Convenient
  • It’s Safe
  • You don’t require a bank account
  • It presents a faster way of going about your financial transactions

In Summary, Walmart Money Center makes your financial transactions seamless and provides a variety of services that would help you bother less.

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