Volvo's Self-Docking Boat Tech In Now Available

Volvo’s Self-Docking Boat Tech In Now Available

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The maritime subsidiary of Volvo, Penta, has revealed the commercial arrival of its autonomous boat docking system. Integrated Assisted Docking (AD) is created to handle driving a vessel into the dock, making the pilot’s life a lot easier.

Volvo's Self-Docking Boat Tech In Now Available

Penta’s system knows the boat’s location — using a combination of GPS, on-board sensors, and dynamic positioning — and makes adjustments on the fly. The vessel’s pilot just needs to grab the joystick and point in the general direction, and the system will make the hard yards.

You’ll also be able to get the technology added to your existing Volvo Penta motor yacht if it’s sized between 35-feet and 120-feet, should you only have “upgrade your existing boat” money.

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