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View Private Friends List On Facebook – Most times Facebook users often restrain people from viewing their contact list for a reason for their choice. This is most common for celebrities who find it unpleasant for people to view their people who are their friends on the platform. But this isn’t for special people alone, now anyone who wishes to lock their lists of friends from outsiders can now do so.

View Private Friends List On Facebook

Reason Why People Hide Their Friends List

Facebook users end up restricting their friend’s lists for the sake of privacy and security purpose. Apart from the fun we get from using Facebook, safety is the first thing you should consider. Some people prefer to keep their friends list private as well as their personal activities thereby restricting people from seeing how active they are on the platform and friends list.

Ways On How To View People’s Hidden Friends List

Hiding your friends from users doesn’t they won’t try to take a quick peek at what you do on the platform. Well here are some tips on how to do so:

  • Open the Friend Finder page.
  • Scroll to where you have Mutual Friends Section.
  • Input the name you wish to find on the person’s list.

Note: For this process to be successful, you are required to have at least one mutual friend. Do not expect to see each and everyone on the person’s friend list, you’ll only be shown the friends you have in common.

  • Install Google Chrome extension on your device
  • Facebook Friends Mapper.
  • Log into your account with the Chrome browser.
  • Open the target user profile and click on friends.
  • A link will appear stating “Reveal Friends”.
  • Click on it.
  • Wait till the hidden friends appear.

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