The Tokyo Olympics’ opening ceremony featured an orchestrated video game soundtrack

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The Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony featured an orchestrated video game soundtrack

The Tokyo Olympics opening started off early earlier today, and the motorcade of countries, where competitors stroll through Japan’s Olympic arena, had a Japanese wind. A mixture of videogame music, organized, shaped the soundtrack for the motorcade.

Everything started off with the fundamental subject from Dragon Quest — which sounds pretty Olympian inside and out — trailed by hits from Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Nier, Sonic, Chrono Trigger and, er, eFootball. (That is the new name for Pro Evolution Soccer, on the off chance that you missed it.)

There are some remarkable oversights — no Nintendo tunes (Pokemon? Mario? Zelda?) being the greatest one — yet some Street Fighter II tunes may have fitted well into the serious subject. Perhaps the last was excessively rough?

The walk hasn’t exactly completed, however we’ll attempt to implant a video here when we can. The USA will be the third-to-last nation to walk, as it’s facilitating the Olympics soon in LA. You could possibly get the last pieces of the walk on the NBC live stream.

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