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Have you heard of the Thursday dating app, the app that works once a week? This is quite a unique app that works quite differently from the rest. You now have the unique opportunity of opening up the Thursday dating app to see who wants to date for that day. So, if you are fatigued with other dating apps, you are not alone. We’ve never been more ready for something different like we are for the Thursday dating app.

Every Thursday, the app comes alive with people close to you who also want to meet that day. If you have been hoping that one day, you’ll meet that one app that, has you covered on everything, now you have it. Everything you want from a dating app is covered in this app and it happens in one day. This app is empowering, assured, and refreshing. Now you can match, chat, date all in one day.

6 days of the week, this app tells you to relax and it’s not even apologetic about it. That’s because it understands there’s more to life than dating apps. It even gets better as exclusive events are being hosted at some of the sexiest spots in the city.

Thursday Dating App

How Does It Work?

The Thursday Dating as mentioned earlier is only available one day a week and that’s on Thursday. The aim is to reduce small talk and increase the number of dates that actually happen. Here, users are encouraged only to use the app that day if they are free later on for a date. This accelerates the rate at which matches are made, conversations are had, and dates are actually organized.

When it comes to how the technology actually works, the app is like-based, as with most other dating apps. Apart from adding photos, you can build a profile that features prompts to kick-start conversations, and add your hobbies as well as interest. This will enable others to tell if they will vibe with you, and vice versa. If you send alike to someone you admire and they accept it, you can start chatting (it works the other way ‘round also).

Thursday Dating App Download

This app is free to use and you can easily download the Thursday Dating App from the Google Play Store for free. Once you successfully download this app and start using it, the app shows you who wants to go on a date that day. Every Thursday, the app comes to life with people near you who are also up to meet up on that day.

iPad, iPhone users are also not left out as they can get the Thursday Dating App from the App Store to download for free.

Is Thursday Dating App Legit

You can be rest assured that this app is legitimate and is built such that everything you want from online dating happens in one day. This makes the Thursday dating app, the one day of the week when singles can match, chat and meet. Why? Just like you know, there’s more to life than dating apps.

You can download this app at no cost at all and members looking to send unlimited likes, get boosted or unlock an additional day can upgrade to a VIP Membership.

Thursday Dating App Not Working

If the Thursday Dating App is not working you will have to check if the Thursday dating app works in your region. This app is initially launching in London and New York. The launch date has been pushed back several times owing to the coronavirus restrictions. However, the app is set to go ahead in April. Thereafter, it will then go live in other European cities by June (including Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam). Other major UK cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dublin are currently queued, and will hopefully be live around May.

Thursday Dating App Jobs

The Thursday Dating App is co-founded by George Rawlings and Matt McNeill Love. According to the founders, this app is designed for all the single people out there who are looking to get back into dating. Now you can date for one day, and have the rest of the week free to catch up with friends and focus on you 

With the Thursday Dating App, spontaneity and speed are the names of the game. You really do only have 24 hours to make a move. Once the clock strikes midnight on Friday, matches, and chats will disappear. So, you better get ready to make your move before the clock strikes 12!!!!

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