The Best Free Movie Streaming Services

Catch the best shows, binge-watch your favorite series or enjoy a thrilling virtual movie experience. All these are possible through movie streaming services. However, sometimes the show you want to watch is unavailable on your paid streaming service.

It is not financially feasible to subscribe to every streaming service to catch all the best movies. What if we told you that it’s possible to stream them for free? 

Why Choose Free Movie Streaming Sites

Free movie streaming sites are not meant to replace giants like Netflix and HBO. Unlike paid streaming services, you might wait a little longer for new episodes to be available on these free sites. Additionally, the quality might not be as high as the original copy. Nonetheless, you don’t have to pay a fee to enjoy the shows on the platforms listed here.

Most of them purchase the films from original owners to avoid copyright lawsuits. Others own legitimate distribution rights for their content. They are all ad-supported to recoup their expenses. Now let’s explore these free movie streaming sites.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an excellent free online movie platform with over 13,000 hours of free content. Despite its late entry into the market, it displayed a grand entrance with top-notch content like The Office and Friday Night Lights. It offers exclusive originals and popular classics like Harry Potter on a snappy interface.

Its free library is impressive, albeit scattered with occasional advertisements. Nevertheless, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 to have an extended library without interruptions.

It has an app for popular streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV Stick. It offers on-demand movie streaming for free without worrying about breaking the laws. Nonetheless, it is only available in the US. Hence, you should try these residential proxies to access its services in other countries. 


SolarMovie is relatively new in the market but is rapidly gaining popularity. Its crisp interface and incredible personalization fuel its popularity. It has a relatively low ad annoyance, which can still ruin the watching experience.

The platform provides unique categorization that makes it easy to find movies. Besides, they allow a sign-in option to receive updates on your favorite shows. They also have high-quality links to stream movies from their extensive library.

You might find the interface a bit annoying initially, with ads across the screen. The site does not own distribution rights for its content, so you might have to wait longer for new movies.


Tubi has an impressive movie catalog with a library of over 20,000 films, thanks to its affiliation with Fox Corporation. It rivals the likes of Netflix but with slightly older content and quality. It partnered with famously large film houses like Warner Bros, Paramount, and Lionsgate to offer some of the most amazing content for free.

You do not need to sign up to view its content. However, it is geo-restricted to the US, requiring a VPN or proxy to access its catalog if you’re located elsewhere. 


Crackle saw the dawn of movie streaming back when it was in its infant stages. Launched in 2004, the free movie service offers top-of-the-line TV shows and movies. Its original programming differentiates it from other streaming services. Sony bought it in 2006, branding it the name Sony Crackle.

Its interface is easy to navigate, offering some of the best movies and TV shows. It does not require registration or signing up to access the catalog. Crackle’s original content sets it apart, making it one of the best free movie streaming platforms.


Vudu’s low ad annoyance makes it one of the best free movie streaming services. It is owned by Walmart and offers video-on-demand services through free or paid versions. However, you do not need to upgrade to the paid version to enjoy its endless list of movies and TV shows.

Its library has fewer movies compared to the ones mentioned above. Also, you must wait longer before watching new releases compared to other free platforms. Like many others, it is only available in the US, and you will require a VPN to access it from other countries.


Free movie streaming allows individuals to access their favorite films and shows without subscribing to multiple streaming services. They are more attractive because of their affordability, but you must deal with the ads. In the end, they allow everyone a movie experience on the go.

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