Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Apple revealed on Tuesday that it will ship the new iPhone 12 models without EarPods or a power adapter, as a way to prevent the accessories from ending up in landfills. In France, however, the new devices will have earphones in the coffret.

As MacRumors noted, French law now requires that smartphones come with “hand-free kits” or a “headset” in order to protect children age 14 and younger from electromagnetic radiation. That’s due to the government doesn’t believe that the health effects of long-term radiation exposure from smartphones are settled science, especially with children.

Thanks To Radiation Laws iPhone 12 Comes With Free EarPods

“Any object containing radio equipment cannot be distributed for payment or free of charge without a wired, solid, and reliable headset. User manuals and packaging for mobile phone devices must contain clear and visible information prompting the use of a wired headset.”

Fear of the effects of radiation has affected smartphones use in other ways in France, too. The nation has protested against the 5G in various states, with some elected officials calling for delays in its deployment over health concerns and landscape blight.

However, Apple says that shipping iPhones without EarPods reduce carbon emissions, rare-earth mining, and e-waste. The iPhone 12 also comes in tinnier boxes, s the company said it can fit 70% more devices onto a single pallet.

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