Tahu Bulat Mod APK 15.2.13 | Tahu Bulat Mod Apk Free Download

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You can download the latest version of Tahu Bulat Mod Apk made available for free for android devices in order to play one of the coolest games around the world. You will be able to enjoy different gaming enhancements when you play the mod apk.

Tahu Bulat Mod APK 15.2.13

This game is the perfect game made for people who enjoys playing simulation games than they enjoy other games. It is to be among the most successful simulation games that are created for mobile devices. You can download this game for free from Google Play Store.

This Tahu Bulat game is an Indonesian game that comes with so many amazing features. You should have it in mind that you will always see a new and exciting thing whenever you are playing this game.

Also have it in mind that this game is a Tofu Game that has a new look. With the unique features that it has now, it is now more interesting than it was before.

There are daily rewards and mini-games for you to enjoy once you download and start playing this game. You can actually win a lot of buyers and make yourself the owner of a well known tofu business.

Amazing Features

This game is a very cool game that comes with a lot of features. Let’s have a look at some of these features that makes the game a unique one:

  • The makers of this game made selling of different rounds of tofu in order to grow your business a lot more easy. This can be done by just tapping on your phone screen.
  • You have the ability to invest the profit gotten from your business, and also be able to manage your business like a pro.
  • There a lot of different selling and cooking equipment. You can actually improve them in order to get the best results.
  • They provided different recipes that you can use to upgrade and improve your Tofu round.
  • By changing cars and even adding nice accessories you can be able to attract interested buyers.
  • Promote your round tofu business in order to bring in all the available buyers so that they can patronize your business.
  • The game comes with a lot of challenges for players to complete. This challenges also includes 1 on 1, 2 on 2 competitions and a lot others.
  • It comes with a leaderboard which will display how good you are in the game.
  • There are a lot of achievements that you can unlock by playing the game.

There are so many other features that we did not mention and you get to enjoy them when you download this game.

Tahu Bulat Mod Apk Free Download

You can easily grow your tofu business by easily downloading the mod apk of this tahu bulat game. The mod apk version of this game comes with the No Ads feature.


You should go ahead and download the latest version of Tahu Bulat without hesitation if you wish to grow a very successful tofu business.

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