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The super sus mod apk is another fun catching multiplayer game, but have you ever thought of the fun the game offers then turns out to be a riot.

Well this game is quite adventurous in the sense that Super sus will invite you to a tensed game environment where you are to traitor who pervade the plane. But before the start of the game event everyone is expected to take Thier respective roles which one of them will be the traitor.

Super Sus Mod Apk

Playing this game you will have to be very smart to catch or identify who the traitor is, you can catch the traitor by observing every move of the players anyone that looks fishy should be the traitor but at the same time be careful because some players can be double faced which might make it easy for you to identify to wrong player as the traitor.

Features of the Super Sus Mod APK

Solely speaking using a modded version has so many added features because you will be getting all the premium features of the app for free which makes it Freemium.

but what are this extra features you will be getting from super sus Mod APK, let’s take a look below;

Unlimited Money

This tends to be the reason why most people sort for the modded version of this application. why? definitely in playing this game money is needed either to level up or get unlimited resources from the game store.

Whereas the free version you might need to watch some ads to get this money or even have to struggle leveling up to have enough money.

But the modded version of Super Sus APK now comes in because using this APK you will get unlimited money that can’t finish no matter what you purchase from the store.

Unlimited Characters to choose from

Well this game appears to be like subway surf where you can choose from different characters but you have to reach some certain level to actually get to use a new character in the game.

But using the super sus mod apk you can choose from any character to use all for free, yeah. All you need to do is to just select the one that beats the stage you are about to set in.

No in App Purchases

Despite the fact that you can choose from a huge variety of characters to choose from, this modded version provides you with mouth watery features without any in-app purchases.

Ads free

Like I said earlier, some times out might need to watch ads to get some certain things from the game store, but in this case it’s different because you don’t need to watch ads to get items anymore.

How to Download Super Sus Mod APK On Your Android Device

Now you are in an hurry to get this application because it’s basically what you are looking for right?

To download this application please follow the step carefully.

Download Process

To download this application you don’t need to go to playstore because sadly you won’t find it there, because it’s against googles policy but here feel free because we would give you an 100% safe app for your mobile device.

Click here to download the application, after a successful download then you can head over to install but you need to enable third Party install permissions.

Allow Unknown Sources

To allow unknown sources so you can install this APK to your Android device, all you need to do it to head over to settings on your mobile device, then click ok securities, after which you scroll down to unknown sources and permission to enable third party Download.

After which you can then proceed to install the application, this might take just a minute or even seconds depending on your mobile device. After which you can then run the application.

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