Spotify Unveils Its "Only You" Feature With Unique Music Tastes

Spotify Unveils Its “Only You” Feature With Unique Music Tastes

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Move over Spotify Wrapped, there’s another feature around. Spotify has dispatched another component called “Only You” to investigate your listening history. Once dissected, Spotify will uncover your music tastes, instead of simply your listening details as in Wrapped.

Spotify Unveils Its "Only You" Feature With Unique Music Tastes

Spotify Launches a New “Only You” Feature

Every December Spotify users await the much-loved “Wrapped” feature where they can see listening stats for the past year. Now, Spotify offers a new feature to analyze and reveal your music tastes called “Only You”.

In a post on it’s blog For the Record, Spotify clarifies that “Only You is tied in with commending how you tune in”, instead of experiences and insights. Truly pushing this festival point of view, Spotify clarifies that no one else listens equivalent to you–and it has the experiences to demonstrate it.

For the new “Only You” include, Spotify has utilized a similar Wrapped 2020 story-based configuration. With this intuitive configuration, clients are urged to share their listening bits of knowledge on friendly stages. Spotify clients can get to the new “Only You” include now, in the application or the committed web center point.

What Information Will Spotify’s “Only You” Show Me?

With “Only You”, Spotify dissects the entirety of your tuning in to recognize bits of knowledge to your music tastes and propensities. Presently that all sounds noteworthy, however what data does “Only You” really show you?

In “Only You”, Spotify will show your Audio Birth Chart dependent on music you tune in to at specific occasions, your Dream Dinner Party where you pick three craftsmen you’d welcome to an evening gathering, your Artist Pairs to show interesting sound pairings you’ve as of late tuned in to, your Song Year which shows the year you most tune in to music from, your Time of Day to show which season of day you most tune in to music, and afterward your most tuned in to types.

Spotify positively shows you a ton of experiences in the new element, and merits a glance at to see your music tastes.

Whenever you’ve gone through every one of the pages of “Only You”, Spotify gives new customized playlists that are “important for the Only You venture”. You can save these playlists to your library to tune in to later, will in any case show in the “Solitary You” center point in the event that you neglect to save them.

In the blog entry, Spotify additionally makes reference to its chipping away at a Beta component that permits you to consolidate your music tastes with a companion’s into a common playlist. This component isn’t presently accessible for all clients, however will keep on carrying out as a feature of “Only You”.

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