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Lots of dating apps and platforms exist, but have you heard of Sparked Dating App?

Dating has been made to be different in recent years.

When it comes to platforms, a lot of people have their reservations on what to expect from a dating platform.

Most people prefer that they be selected by potential dates, while most people prefer to do the choosing.

While most dating profiles may be falsified and fake, people tend to be skeptical when choosing dates online, people yearn for their personal safety as that’s a paramount factor.

Sparked Dating App

Most people end up going on dates and find out that their partners aren’t who they really say they are, because of a fake profile created.

Many online daters have had their fair share of experience on wrong dates. This actually doesn’t stop them from tying again.

When trying again, if a platform once failed them, they wouldn’t dare using the platform to try again as there’s now a biased against the said platform.

This has actually challenged developers to come up with platforms where people can feel safe and, where they can call a dating home and one of such developed platforms is, Sparked Dating app.

You may ask yourself what Sparked dating app is. Not to worry, I’m here to give insight on what sparked dating app is an what it is all about.

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What Is Sparked Dating App?

Sparked dating app is a safe haven platform where people get matched and are readily available to go on dates with partners they meet on the platform.

Sparked dating app is acclaimed to be a community of kind daters.

The platform prides itself to be a place where people can feel safe when in search of a date or dates.

No doubt, there are lots of dating platforms that promise safety, but Sparked has taken and prioritized safety.

Now here’s where we talk about the features of Sparked Dating app.

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Features Of Sparked Dating App

Apart from providing a safe haven for daters, the app has prides itself with a lot of unique and never before seen features that are appealing the features are itemized below.

  • Video Speed Dating: The platform offers video dating at its best. Here’s hoe the video dating works; at first when you are matched with your date, you get an opportunity from the platform to video date, that is, have a date on video call for 4 minutes, after the first date, if there’s a spark between you and your matched partner, you get another opportunity to video chat again, but this time, for 10 minutes, if there’s more spark, then you guys will determine by yourselves where you want the dates to go. This is awesome isn’t it?
  • Get what you want: This feature is what people yearn for. Unlike other platforms that require you to swipe through a long list of potential dates, this platform gives you the opportunity to describe what you want in terms of, gender, age, and sexuality, this means that the platform is good and safe for the queers. There’s no discrimination or whatsoever on the platform as, you get the requirements you pre-described without a change or fault.
  • Safety: For most people this is paramount as they value their safety, hence that is why Sparked dating app has provided safety at is best. As you may or may not know, the platform was developed by the makers of Facebook, I guess this is why it is safe to say that your safety is guaranteed on this platform. Also, the platform has very good security check in the sense that, before one is integrated into the platform, one is required to write a short not on being a kind dater, the note in turn is verified by a human for security purposes, before the user can then be integrated into the platform.
  • Facebook Integration: This is something that makes the safety of the platform unique as a Facebook account is needed before one can be part of the space. This means that there would be no opportunity for fake profiles, this in turn makes the users of the platform feel as safe as they can be and people having multiple accounts will not exist. Yeah, the platform has prioritized the safety of its users.
Sparked Dating App

How To Access Sparked Dating App

After reading the features of the platform, I’m sure you’re asking yourself the question, how do I access this app right?

The answer you seek is right here. To access Sparked dating app, all you need is an internet enabled device then the following step should follow,

  • On your web browser go to,

Another question that may come to your mind is,

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, when you have followed the steps in accessing the platform in the previous session, the following steps should follow in order for you to get started on the platform,

As earlier said, the platform provides Facebook integration, hence, when logged on to the platform, at the bottom left, you will see continue with Facebook. Click it.

  • When you click continue with Facebook, you will be asked for some basic information, after which you will be asked what you want in terms of gender, age, and sexuality.
  • The last step involves you writing on how you will be a kind dater on the platform, this is where you have to be careful in your composition, because it will be verified by a human who will be the one to integrate you into the system, after which you would be on the waitlist until you get verified.

Many people wouldn’t want to always go to the website platform as they prefer an application to access it.

Many might ask the question,

Is Sparked Free?

Unlike other dating platforms that require you to pay money in order to access the full features of their platform, this platform does not require you to pay a dime, it is free to use by everyone, and anyone.

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How To Download Sparked Dating App

The download isn’t really an app, as it is a web app and a shortcut instead of having to type in the website name on your web browser each time you want to log in. the following steps should follow to access the web app,

  • Once you’re on the website, on the top right of your chrome web browser, click on the three buttons at the top.
  • When the menu is opened, click on Add to Home screen you’ll be asked if you want to add to Sparked Dating App your home screen, click ok to confirm.

And that is it, you now have the web app on the home screen of your device.

Thanks for reading.

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