Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

With many gyms locked up during the COVID-19 pandemic, home workout classes from Peloton and others are more popular than ever. An idea on that comes from a company name MIRROR, which introduced an interactive reflective display that helps you through your aerobics, stretching, and free-weights without the need for unnecessary heavy equipments.

Now, Mirror has a rival. A company called Carbon has introduced its own interactive mirror called the Carbon Trainer, a 43-inch 4k LCD touch screen display with in-built sensors and accessories. It lets you choose classes for condition, strength, and mobility while keeping track of your progress using AI and motion detector technology. It monitors weight training as well through its own connected weights, or through Smart Weight Sensors.

Carbon said the Trainer mirror caters to Strength, and conditioning enthusiasts looking for a more personalized home workout. As such it offers daily live and on-demand classes that you can do together with friends.

Smart Mirror Designed To Deliver Guided Workouts Is Now Made Available By Carbon's Trainer

This mirror can do more than just monitoring, it can coach you to push harder and plan and automate workouts based on your progress so far. You can also control workout using voice commands and hear your trainer voice through the mirror’s high-quality speakers. If you use Carbon’s weights or attach the sensor tags to your own weights, the system promises more hectic workouts info like weight lifted and explosiveness.

Carbon’s Trainer smart mirror is now available for pre-order at $1,750 on Indiegogo. If you are willing to take a chance on crowdfunding, you purchase the trainer, a wall mount, six sensors for weights, and a pair of resistance bands, with a subscription for a free year of classes. It will cost an extra $2,295 with a monthly subscription fee of $39. The Carbon Trainer Mirror is scheduled to launch in December 2020, but have it in mind that delays are common on Indiegogo.

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