Singapore Work Visa Process 2023 – Explained

Are you trying to get a job in Singapore? If Yes! We’re giving you the opportunity to work within the system today, with lots of amazing chances, high pay, and other benefits. Singapore is considered to be the second most beautiful nation in the entire world. Each year, Singapore draws a sizable contingent of visitors from outside.

All candidates who wish to settle in Singapore are advised to go through this post, take in all the details, and apply for the work visa. Today, we’ll talk about the many types of Singapore work visas and the application process.

Over 1.3 million overseas employees entered Singapore’s labor force in 2018, according to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) there. Every nation issues work visas to its citizens.

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Depending on the employment position you are looking for, there are various types of work visas available in Singapore. Don’t worry; we will cover all types of passes in the text below, so stick with us, read the whole thing, and submit your application as necessary.

Singapore Work Pass Types (visa).

The types of Singaporean work permits are as follows:

  • Student and trainee work visas.
  • Professional work visas.
  • Temporary job ends.
  • Work permits for professionals and semi-pros.

Professional work visas for Singapore.

If you fall under this category, you are eligible to apply for a work visa. The following categories are used to categorize them:

  • Foreign managers, professionals, and executives can obtain an Employment Pass. At least $3,600 can be made each month.
  • High-earning immigrants or current Employment Pass holders can get a personalized Employment Pass. Other Passes are less flexible than this one.
  • Entrepreneurs or investors who intend to launch a business in Singapore may apply for the Entrepass.

Work permits for skilled and semi-skilled laborers.

The following Singaporean Passes are available for application by skilled and semi-skilled employees. such as;

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  • Mid-level skilled professionals who will make at least $2300 per month are eligible for the S Pass. There may be quotas and taxes on foreign workers.
  • Work Permit for Foreign Workers: Only citizens of particular nations are eligible for this Pass. Only a few industries, including manufacturing, construction, and processes in the services sector, will be able to employ this individual. Quotas for foreign workers and levies are applied.
  • Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) – Workers from Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Macau are eligible for this Pass. The age range should be between 23 and 50.

Singapore trainee and student work visas.

Students or trainees who want to study in Singapore can apply for one of these work visas for Singapore. such as;

  • Foreign trainees who wish to receive training in Singapore may apply for the Training Employment Pass. It’s a 3-month Pass. Quotas for foreign workers and levies do not apply.
  • For people staying in Singapore as part of the Working Holiday program, there is the Work Holiday Pass. France, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, the UK, the US, and Germany are among the nations mentioned. The age range must be 18 to 25. This Pass is valid for six months. You can only accomplish it once in your lifetime.
  • Semi-skilled and unskilled foreign students and trainees who wish to get training in Singapore may apply for a Training Work Permit. Pass valid for six months.

Temporary Work Passes

Any foreign worker who wishes to travel to Singapore for a brief period of time may apply for this Pass. An application for a Miscellaneous Work Pass can be made by journalists and speakers at public events. It is valid for 60 days.

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How can I apply for a work visa (Singapore work pass)?

Every applicant for a work visa must first be in need of employment before they can submit an application.

You can request a work visa or work pass from your company or employment agency. Your work visa can be issued through EP Online. The Ministry of Manpower offers this application service (MOM).

Follow the simple application process steps.

  • Job Search in Singapore.
  • A work pass or visa will be provided for you by your company.
  • A letter of In-Principle Approval will be sent to your employer. which will be used in order to access the program later.
  • You will be informed whether your Pass is accepted.


We have covered all the information on the Singapore Work Visa for Foreigners in this post today. The qualifications and application process for the Work Visa must be reviewed by candidates looking for employment possibilities in Singapore. We sincerely hope that this information was useful to you. Good luck!

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