School of Chaos

School of Chaos Mod APK 1.797 (No ads) Download for Android

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You can download the latest version of School of Chaos Mod APK made available for free for android devices. In this game, there will be complete chaos because all the teachers are gone.

School of Chaos

Description School of Chaos

Every teacher in this game has been devoured by zombies, and now any student can do whatever they wish to do without being stopped by anybody. And what is left to the students who are left in the school will be to utter complete destruction and chaos in the school. This school of chaos game has no rules in it.

Although, you need to be careful because being lawless will always cause trouble from every corner and cranny. In this school of chaos, you should know that there will be bullies everywhere and even other players that will love to be in control. You can go ahead and download this game without hesitation in order to find out who will be the strongest and lead the rest in the game. You never can tell; you might come out to be the strongest and the game is free to download.

School of Chaos Features

This school of chaos game comes with a lot of different features that make the game more unique, below are some of the features:

  • You can enjoy this game by playing with thousands of other players all over the world.
  • You can use the Quest Maker feature of this game to create your own quests so other people can challenge themselves and enjoy.
  • You are allowed to personalize your own personal student. And so, you can create your own student to the characters you want.
  • You have the ability to control the economy of the game. You can put any price you want for the items in the game.
  • The game comes with so many different weapons for players to choose from.
  • You can join any clan or even create your own.
  • Playing this game will give you the opportunity to meet other players around the world and you can even make connections from there.
  • There are pets for you to buy and train to fight with you in the battles.

School of Chaos Mod APK Free Download

With all these listed features and more, you should download this School of Chaos Mod APK latest version for your android device. This version comes with a lot of different cheats that you can enjoy and some additions that are not in the original version. With this version, you can outrun other players in the game. Another thing you need to know is that this version is Ad free.

You should download this game without hesitation in order to enjoy the features that comes with it and more.

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