How to Schedule Messages on Slack | Schedule Slack Messages – Easy Steps

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Slack has at last added a since a long time ago mentioned highlight – scheduled messages. In the event that Slack is your favored platform for business related interchanges, you will be happy to realize that you would now be able to create messages whenever the timing is ideal and have them conveyed at your preferred hour. This feature will demonstrate accommodating, particularly for colleagues that work across various time regions. All things considered, here’s the way to plan messages on Slack utilizing the work area and portable applications.

How to Schedule Messages on Slack

How to Schedule Slack Messages

Slack is bit by bit carrying out the feature to its clients. So you may not promptly see the alternative to schedule messages to send later in your workspace. Having said that, here’s the manner by which you can check if the feature is accessible for you and use it to plan messages.

Schedule Messages Using Slack Desktop App

  1. Open the Slack channel or chat window of the individual you might want to text and type the message. In the wake of composing the message, you will see another descending bolt symbol close to the “Send” button.
  2. Snap on the descending bolt and set your favored time to send the message. Slack will introduce a few default choices, however you can likewise choose a custom opportunity to send the message.
  3. You can tap on the “Custom time” choice to get to the date and time picker. Here, you should simply pick a favored date and time and snap on “Time Message”.

Schedule Messages on Slack Using Mobile App

In the event that you are away from your PC and would lean toward schedule a message from your telephone, you can do that as well. Here’s the way to plan messages utilizing the Slack portable applications on Android and iOS.

  1. Open the Slack chat or channel and type your message. Whenever you have done that, press and hold the “Send” button until the message scheduling UI springs up.
  2. Then, at that point, very much like the desktop application, you would then be able to pick your favored date and time for sending the message. You have the choice to pick one of the default ideas or set a custom time here too. Hit the “Timetable Message” button whenever you are finished.
  3. Whenever you have planned a message, you will see an affirmation brief at the lower part of the channel or talk window. It peruses — “Your message will be shipped off [channel] or [chat name] at [date, time].”

Maintain Scheduled Messages on Slack

You can get to the entirety of your scheduled messages twoly. You can either tap on the “See every single scheduled message” inside the channel/DM window or go to the “Scheduled” area from the sidebar.

Subsequent to Scheduled a message, Slack allows you to perform five activities. You can either alter the message, reschedule it, send quickly, or drop the schedule and move it to drafts. At last, on the off chance that you would prefer not to send the timetable message, you can erase it also. That is that it is so natural to utilize the new planned messages highlight in Slack.

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