Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

For those of you who do not like the large camera bumps in Samsung’s Galaxy S20, it may come as bad news for you to know that Galaxy S21 may come sporting even larger camera bumps. This new Samsung handset hasn’t been launched yet so, most of the information concerning it are contributed from leaks. Samsung is preparing to launch Galaxy S21 in January 2021.

Hopefully, Galaxy S21 may come still with a three-camera bump that appears to spill over the edge of the device. The flash appears to be moved to the side in order for the device to have a neat and attractive appearance.

Samsung's Galaxy S21 Camera

External sources have not yet clarified or provided lots of information about the Galaxy S21 mobile phone. These leaks also revealed that the phone would be released in January rather than the usual February or March. Samsung as a company hasn’t come out openly to clarify this claim. At the time, Samsung is preparing to launch two handsets and these are; Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S30. We are very certain that Samsung lovers can’t wait for these devices to be released.

Kindly stay connected to us in order for you to get more information about Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S30.

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