Rumored Price of PlayStation 5 (PS5) in Nigeria (2020)

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Rumored Price of PlayStation 5 in Nigeria (2020) – Sony is one of the leading gaming console companies in the world. The quality of games and their commitment to constantly advancing their games is undeniable. In our modern gaming world, Sony gaming products have been highly appreciated in given people awesome experiences.

Rumored Price of PlayStation 5 (PS5) in Nigeria (2020)

Looking at all gaming consoles developed by Sony, the PlayStation is most common in the world. From the production of the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 4, you can easily identify their differences in terms of features. The world hasn’t recovered from the fun and mind-blowing quality of the PlayStation 4 and Sony has already announced the introduction of the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Price in Nigeria

It is no doubt that the PlayStation 5 would be more advanced than the PlayStation 4. Sony has been consistent with their advancement in technology. Asides the announcement made for the release of the PS 5 which will probably be at the end of the year 2020, people aren’t in any way certain what it will look like. We know that even after the release of this game, it will take additional time before it’s made available in the Nigerian market.

Of a truth, the price of the PlayStation 5 will be higher than that of the PlayStation 4. For the PS 4, the price is estimated to be between N120,000 and N140,000. The price of the PlayStation 5, on the other hand, is already being estimated to be between N170,000 to N190,000. Now, understand that this estimate is made based on the time of purchase. Don’t forget, inflation can also affect the price at the time it will be made available in Nigeria. Exchange rate plays a huge role in determining the prices of items in the market.

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