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How to Raise Your Hand in Google Meet

Since the fast development of work from home and online classes, Google Meet has become a center application in the working environment and instruction area.

A ton of new highlights have been added to Google Meet lately. Realizing how to use them for better cooperation during meetings or class meetings can be valuable. In this article, we will disclose how to lift your hand on Google Meet.

Google Raise Hand Feature Feature and How it Works

On the off chance that you’ve utilized Zoom previously, you realize how fundamental its Raise Hand include is. Google Meet’s feature works unequivocally something similar.

You tap a dedicated button, and the meeting host plus in addition to different participants will get a warning that you’ve lifted your hand. A symbol representing a lifted hand will likewise show up on your tile, which is noticeable to everybody.

How to Raise Your Hand in Google Meet on PC, Android, and iOS

To raise your hand in a meeting or online class, follow these steps;

  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the hand symbol to raise your hand.

On Android and iOS, you may have to tap your screen first to wake up the bottom control bar. Then, tap the hand symbol to raise your hand.

How to Lower Your Hand in Google Meet

Lower your hand in Google Meet by tapping the Raise hand button once more. Then again, very much like on Zoom, the gathering’s host has the ability to bring down your hand from their end. On the off chance that the mediator drops your hand, Google Meet will inform you.

Availability of Google Meet’s Raise Hand Feature

Google’s Hand Raise highlight isn’t accessible for everybody. At present, Hand Raise is accessible on the accompanying Google Workspace releases:

  • Essentials
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Fundamentals
  • Education Plus
  • Education Standard
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • G Suite Business
  • Nonprofits

On the off chance that you don’t see a Hand Raise choice inside Google Meet, you should upgrade to Google Workplace versions with the component accessible. Notwithstanding, it is smarter to change to Zoom as its lift hand highlight is accessible for all. However, generally speaking, look at our Zoom versus Google Meet comparison in case you’re actually pondering on where to settle.

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