Qualcomm Latest Reference Headset Helps To Fast Track AR Development

Qualcomm Latest Referece Headset Helps To Fast Track AR Development

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The company announced today that it will release a new, XR1-powered headset reference design. Presently, it’s being distributed to specific partners, and the next batch of XR hardware developers will be able to claim theirs in the coming months.

Built in partnership with long-time hardware partner Goertek, the new reference headset packs a pair of 1080p micro-OLED displays that support frame rates up to 90Hz, along with an 8-megapixel camera with image stabilization and two monochrome cameras for head and hand tracking.

Qualcomm Latest Reference Headset Helps To Fast Track AR Development

With the on-headset optimizations for task like gesture recognition and graphics processing, this divvying up of responsibilities can help reduce power consumption on the connected phone or PC.

When connected to a PC, for instance, Qualcomm’s headset can render multiple virtual displays, so users can pin app windows to the space in front of their faces. The same goes for smartphones, too.
Qualcomm aims to develop fully self-contained AR headsets, complete with integrated 5G, a process Qualcomm XR Vice President Hugo Swart expects will take a few years.

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