Poland Work Visa Process 2023-Explained

Are you preparing to travel to Poland to work there? then carefully go through this post. Every country requires a work visa or visiting visa if you plan to travel overseas. Poland’s requirement is similar. You need a work visa if you want to travel to Poland and work there.

Non-EU nationals can work in Poland with the Polish National Visa, also known as the work visa for Poland. Polish passports might not be necessary for Swiss or EA/EEU nationals. If, however, you intend to stay in Poland for a period of time longer than three months, you must register at the neighborhood registration office. Although registration is not necessary for a work visa, it does give the authorities notice of your prolonged stay.

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If you’re thinking about pursuing a job in Poland, you should read this. In this essay, we’ll cover all the details and variations of Poland work visas.

Types of Work Visas for Poland in 2023

The following categories of work visas are available for Poland. Therefore, you must know which work visa is best for your job before applying for any work visa. For illustration;

  • Work Permit A: If you have been offered a job in Poland, you will be granted this form of visa, but you will also need to have a current residence permit.
  • Work Permit B: You need this permit, if you work for a board member and plan to stay in Poland for more than six months.
  • Work Permit C: If you are a delegate visiting Poland for longer than 30 days, you must have a work permit. Type C work
  • Work Permit D: If you are a delegate and work for an export service, you need a Work Permit D.
  • Work Permit S: If your company sends you to Poland for fishing, hunting, agricultural work, or lodging, you must have Work Permit S.

Documents required for Poland Work Visa

For Polish work visa candidates need to have the following documents:

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  • A valid passport
  • A visa application form
  • Colored photos (should fulfil the Schengen visa photo standards) (should fulfil the Schengen visa photo guidelines)
  • Proof of airplane ticket to Poland
  • Proof of travel health insurance of roughly €30,000
  • Proof of accommodation in Poland
  • A copy and the original version of your work
  • An employment letter to prove your job placement in Poland
  • CV or job experience certificate
  • Proof of your clear and clean criminal

Note: Depending on the circumstances, the Polish embassy or consulate may need more documentation.

How to Apply for Poland Work Visa?

Your employer is responsible for the application of a work permit for
After acquiring a work permit, you will Apply for a work visa Polish
Once you are approved for your work visa, enter Poland and start

How to Apply for Poland Work Permit?

To enter Poland, you will require a work permit, and seeking a work permit is fully dependent on your employer. The employer is responsible for acquiring a work permit on your behalf. They will require to produce the following documents;

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  • The application form
  • A proof of showing paid application
  • Proof of legal status of employer issued by National Court Register (NCR) (NCR).
  • The employer must present the details of their economic
  • Submit a copy of the employee’s
  • Submit proof of employee’s health Deed for the Proof of earnings and losses earned by the company or
  • Submit evidence of contract

The next step after acquiring your work permit is to apply for a work visa in Poland. You can obtain a work visa with the help of the work permit, and you can then enter Poland and begin working there.

Obtaining a work visa Duration.
A work visa may take up to six weeks to obtain. A work visa should be requested two months prior to the joining date.

Poland work visa fees governmental charges

  • Work type D Permit costs €44.19 
  • Work Visa for more than three months – €22.10
  • Work Visa for less than three months – €11.05

The duration of a Polish visa
The Polish Work Visa is only good for three months; to stay for a longer period, you must apply for a residence permit.

Polish Work Permit Validity
The Polish Work Permit is valid for the duration of your employment agreement. Your work visa will be valid for two years, for instance, if your agreement is for two years.

Extension of Work Permit for Poland
If your company has created your contract, you may extend your work visa. 30 days prior to the expiration date, you must file for a work visa extension.

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Seasonal Work Permit for Poland
Employees who wish to work in Poland for fewer than nine months per year are given a seasonal work permit. It is distributed to workers, typically in the summer. Candidates must also submit an application for a temporary residency permit.

Under the following circumstances, a temporary residency permit will be issued to you:

  • If you’re interested in seasonal
  • If you have a consistent and reliable
  • if one is healthy
  • If you can provide evidence 

Therefore, the topic of this post was how to apply for a Polish work visa. Read this page carefully and double-check the information supplied if you’re an applicant searching for work in Poland.

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