‘Pokémon Go’ Will Take Back Some Of Its COVID-19 – Related Changes

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As the COVID-19 spread in the and summer, Pokemon Go set out a series of changes that made it easier for players to keep participating. Now Niantic Labs has announced that while some of the temporary bonuses it added will remain active, several of them will go away as of October 1st.

'Pokémon Go' Will Take Back Some Of Its COVID-19 - Related Changes

In April the game added a feature where your buddy Pokemon would gather gifts from nearby PokéStops even if you didn’t leave your home, and now it will only do that if you’re running low.

The game’s makers have pushed it as a way to encourage activity and movement, and with restrictions loosened in many areas around the world, they’re making some changes to get back to that. On social media, many players requested that Niantic rethink the changes, either because they were welcome improvements to the existing game or because of the still-ongoing pandemic.

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