Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game – Hack on How to Win Facebook Ludo Club

Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game – Hack on How to Win Facebook Ludo Club

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Ludo Club Game without any doubt is one of the best games you can engage in on Facebook. The Ludo Game is one game very conversant with Africans. A lot of persons like this game but will love it better when they play the digital type. To play this game, you need a board with 4 sections for 4 players. These sections house 4 seeds each of different colors and a pair of dice. If you enjoy this game, you can’t carry the facilities for it everywhere you go so, you need to have it at your fingertips all the time. So, Facebook games have made this possible with the introduction of the Ludo Club Game to its gaming platform.

Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Club Game – Hack on How to Win Facebook Ludo Club

Ludo Club Game on Facebook Messenger

This particular article will give you details on how you can win this game with ease. Everyone certainly wants to win this game but they don’t have a concrete idea on how to go about it. Ludo Club is a game that involves 4 players and no one wants to lose in gameplay but with the hack am about to show you, you can become the boss in this game.

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First Hack: How to Set Your Score in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club

This first hack is the most amazing. As a player, you can select your score and get your friends. Wondering how you do it, you will need your PC in other for you to carry out this hack successfully. Simply follow these steps to select your score;

  • Open the game on a new window
  • Open up the DevTool in your PC and set it to appear by the side of your screen vertically
  • Search for Facebook Messenger Source (To get Facebook Messenger, search for the word “instant bundle” and make sure to use “Element Tab” for this)
  • Choose the “Document Element” which permits the DevTools attach your console to the javascript domain.
  • Lastly, apply the command “js_FBInstantSetScore(46)” or better still use the command “FBInstant.setscore(46)”

Second Hack: How to Get a Six in Facebook Messenger Ludo Club

Getting a six in this game can do you a lot of good. So, the second trick I am going to be showing you is how you can get a six in this game. For this trick to work, you need to be very observant. This is how it is done;

  • Keep your attention on the position from which any of your opponents got a six
  • Be patient until your dice gets to that particular angle
  • Immediately roll there as you will get a six 80% of the time

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